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Building and running a successful business takes time, energy, and guidance. You’re on the road to where you want to go, but what if there is another road? A shorter path with fewer roadblocks…  

Catapult Groups has been helping business owners (just like you) since 2011.  Founder, Brad Mishlove, packed a lifetime of learning into a short period of time – going to business school and then building, running, and selling several incredibly successful companies. He built a rapid growth company that was capital intensive with many employees, and was fortunate to sell at the top of the market.

And he wasn’t done yet.

Brad always assumed he’d end up in the teaching and consulting space. He wanted to share his knowledge and experience with other entrepreneurs so they could grow their companies on a strong, stable foundation.

He went to work for a peer advisory/mastermind group becoming the most successful Coach in the company’s then 53 years of existence. Fueling his passion for guiding others, Brad decided to start his own unique brand. He enlisted the help of Paul Robinson, a former high-growth CEO with Mergers and Acquisitions experience, and Doug Beckley, a business owner, and seasoned coach and trainer.

Now a successful, boutique coaching firm in Las Vegas, Catapult Groups provides business coaching and mastermind groups to customer and employee-centric business owners ready to accelerate their business into a successful future.

“We exist because it’s a passion of all of ours to grow businesses and make sure that the owner has a life and an exit.” – Brad Mishlove

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