6 Hidden Dangers of Hiring Your Spouse

There certainly are successful examples of family business owners hiring their spouses to join them in the workplace, but these would certainly be the exception rather than the rule. What Could Go Wrong? The professional workplace is separate from our personal lives, so having the two be connected in such a way can have negative effects on the most important… Click Here to Continue Reading
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How to Stand Out from Competition Without Lowering Price

It’s difficult for businesses to avoid becoming a commodity where there’s little to no difference between what they sell and what their competitors sell. But rather than working harder to differentiate themselves, some businesses opt to compete on price alone. And you should know right now that lowering prices in an attempt to gain profit is a recipe for disaster.… Click Here to Continue Reading
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Be Client-Driven, Not Competitor-Driven

It may seem that part of a CEO’s job is to know what the competition is doing. You want to track what’s happening on your competitors’ websites, the changes they make to their products and services, new marketing strategies and so on. You may think it’s better to closely watch the competition rather than ignore them. But there’s a better… Click Here to Continue Reading