6 Ways to Hire the Right People for Your Company

As a Catapult Groups CEO Coach and management consultant, a major focus of my work is helping business leaders get serious when selecting and hiring the right people. Lazy and shortsighted hiring processes are so widespread in the business world that this has become the norm, yet hiring the wrong people is the most important contributor to poor company performance.… Click Here to Continue Reading

Senior Management: 5 Things to Consider Before Accepting the Position

Guest Author: Donna M. Genett, Ph.D. Dr. Genett is a past speaker for Catapult Groups and the author of If You Want It Done Right, You Don’t Have to Do It Yourself! The Power of Effective Delegation. With over two decades of experience in management consulting, Dr. Genett speaks on the topics of managerial effectiveness, business, executive and management consulting.… Click Here to Continue Reading

Tips on Reading Body Language during a Job Interview

These days, job candidates have become fairly sophisticated in their mastery of interview skills. This is particularly true on the managerial and executive level, where candidates often come across as highly articulate and knowledgeable about their profession. These are valuable traits, of course, but someone who talks a good game isn’t necessarily the ideal choice for your high-level position. As… Click Here to Continue Reading

6 Warning Signs of a Bad Hire

What’s more important to the success of your business than hiring the right job candidate? Sadly, selecting the best person for your open position is not an exact science. That’s why, after the initial rush of excitement, so many employers end up with a case of buyer’s remorse when the individual they thought was “perfect” for the job turns out… Click Here to Continue Reading

Strategies for Getting Maximum Benefit from Older Employees

The best employees for your business probably don’t fit into any single age demographic. So it only makes good business sense to take advantage of older workers’ experience, varied skill sets and seasoned attitudes. Being able to motivate Baby Boomer employees can boost productivity and make a significant difference in your recruitment and retention strategies. Chances are you’ve already hired… Click Here to Continue Reading