How to Help Employees Achieve Peak Productivity

Let’s say you’ve put together a strong team of employees. They are smart, talented, ambitious, and eager to learn. You’re satisfied with your hiring choices and optimistic about what this potentially high-performing team can achieve. Yet, for some reason, the team so far has failed to meet expectations. Is this under-performance related to the individuals themselves, or is there something… Click Here to Continue Reading

Alright Already, Just Launch: The Dangers of Perfectionism & Delay

You’ve got a new product or service to bring to market. You’ve been working on this for months. You’ve tested the market, reaching out to existing customers and potential customers to see how your new creation will be received. It’s been so well received, that you actually have pre-orders and early bird signups piling up. You researched the best delivery… Click Here to Continue Reading

How a Leader Can Fix a Toxic Culture

To fix your company’s toxic culture, you must first identify what’s wrong. Some business leaders ignore signs of trouble because their attention is fixed elsewhere. Others willfully disregard the problem, hoping it will “fix itself.” But no company can thrive for long if it’s riddled with issues related to how employees are treated and a consistently low workplace morale. How… Click Here to Continue Reading

Leadership Tips for a More Engaged Workforce

For every business, there’s a lot riding on employees being fully engaged in what they do. A lack of engagement can result in productivity deficits, a breakdown in morale, and higher-than-normal employee turnover. Such conditions are untenable for any business in the long run. Conversely, there’s really no limit to what can happen when employees feel they’re an integral part… Click Here to Continue Reading