Alright Already, Just Launch: The Dangers of Perfectionism & Delay

You’ve got a new product or service to bring to market. You’ve been working on this for months. You’ve tested the market, reaching out to existing customers and potential customers to see how your new creation will be received. It’s been so well received, that you actually have pre-orders and early bird signups piling up. You researched the best delivery… Click Here to Continue Reading

Sales Leadership Drives Results for Your Business

Unlike some other more complex aspects of business, the role of sales is simple; generate revenue. For a business owner to achieve this goal, a high-performing sales team must leverage its comprehensive understanding of customer needs and its mastery of the sales process to manage a pipeline of prospects and produce reliable revenue growth. But while the role of sales… Click Here to Continue Reading

Motivating Salespeople: 5 Ways to Keep Your Sales Team Focused

These are distracting times for all of us, but it can be argued that of your workforce, the people who should be the most focused are members of your sales team. We all want to close more sales without adding more staff, but the only way to do that is to keep the sales floor productive and running efficiently. Motivating… Click Here to Continue Reading

The Secret to Success with Your Sales Pitch: Talk Less

For many years, salespeople had the market cornered on providing production information to their customers. When it came to ‘pitching’ their products and services, they had all the answers. They could dole out information at a pace of their choosing and as part of a pre-conceived sales strategy—all in order to “soften up” prospects to close the sale. Selling to… Click Here to Continue Reading

6 Ways to Boost Your Holiday Sales

The holiday season is well underway, but there are still plenty of opportunities to boost your retail and online sales. It’s also a great time of year to reinvigorate your relationships with current customers and forge connections with new customers, based on their positive holiday experience with your business. Here are some holiday-based sales and marketing suggestions: 1. Be an asset… Click Here to Continue Reading