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Running a business can be lonely. Sure, you’re surrounded by employees looking to you for guidance and direction. But when it comes down to it, the weight of the company, the decisions that can make or break not just your career, but the careers of your staff… those all fall on you.

Did you ever wish that you had a board of advisors providing years of expertise to help you make the right decisions?

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The Catapult Group Mastermind is a peer advisory group comprised of 12-16 business owners who run non-competing entities. Once a month, they get together for a half-day workshop led by world-class trainers, followed by a half-day mastermind. Here, members will present the issues or opportunities they’re working on and will receive peer advice, suggestions,  and guidance when they are off their strategic path.

An executive coach will help you along the path. Participating in the mastermind dramatically accelerates your growth and helps you avoid unnecessary pitfalls.

Don’t think a mastermind group is for you?

We get it. Perhaps one of these sounds like you:  

That sounds great, but I can’t possibly spend a day away from my office each month.

Did you start your own business so you could enjoy your freedom? So you could spend quality time with your loved ones, travel,  and explore your passions? Or were you hoping to become a permanent fixture in your office? We’re guessing it’s the former.

So why do you spend more hours at your desk than enjoying your life?

Because you don’t have the right systems in place. Instead of being proactive, you are reactive, your days being hijacked by employees, customers, emails, etc. A (productive) day away from the office filled with professional development will provide you with the perspective, motivation, and the guidance you need to accelerate your growth. Investing your time strategically is a sound investment.

Being a CEO means never looking weak. I don’t want to air my dirty laundry.

Somewhere along the line, you learned that in order to be successful, you had to pretend that everything was perfect. You’ve got everything under control.


Everyone face challenges  at some point (and several points) in their life. The difference is that the weak ones fold under the pressure while the strong ones lean on others for support… and they become even stronger for it.

These business owners come from different industries. They can’t possibly know what I go through.

Business is business. Whether you run a dairy farm, a financial services firm, or a car manufacturing plant, you’ll face the same challenges: employees, revenue generation, margin, cash flow concerns… no matter what you sell. Your peers have experienced these same issues in their businesses and can quickly help you navigate through them.

Look, everyone has blind spots. A Catapult Business Mastermind Group provides an outside counsel that helps you recognize those blind spots, holds you accountable for your actions, and supports you as you grow both yourself and your business. That’s good for you, your employees, and the community.

What Members Think about Catapult Groups:


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